International Food Fair

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Are the country booths grouped by region? Each country booth gets their own individual 12ftx10ft booth. Ex: South East Asian countries will be placed next to each other
How are tents placed? I have cold stuff and want to make sure I get a spot in the shade We plan the tents so that they face away from the sun. Given the Delhi temperatures, we recommend you get ice coolers if you have something that melts
What type of power points/plug points will be provided? We have both large and small power points. Please notify the IFF team of your requirement. Please do bring adapters for all imported appliances.
How many plugs do we have per outlet? Do we bring extension cords and adapters? Please let us know if you need more than one electrical outlet. we recommend you bring adapters and extension cords.
Will I be guaranteed all the appliances that I requested? The Venue & Set Up coordinators will send out an email to each country leader detailing the supplies that we have been able to provide. Please contact them if you have any further requirements
How many coffee cups will I need? What is the size? Most booths are opting for 200 small coffee cups. Please let us know your requirement we will organise the cups for you.
How many plates will I need? Set of plates and cutlery will be provided for the guests when entering the campus, extra sets are available on the field. We are doing this to try to reduce the waste at the event,
Can I check the country banner before the event?


We will check all country banners. We will provide a banner with country name and flag. It will be displayed at the top. You are welcome to decorate the tables and the inside of your booth
Can I decorate my stall? Yes
Will you provide table cloths? The 3 tables that come with the booth are draped in white cloth.
How many tables will I get? What is the size? Size of the booth width: 12ft across, 10 ft deep Front: 2 tables each 5 ft long Width2&1/2 feet. Together the 2 tables will be 10ft long. Back: 1 6ft table All tables come dressed in white fabric. Height of tables : 2&1/2ft
Can I arrange my tables in a ‘L’ shape? YES, please arrange the tables as you like
How do I price my food? The value of each IFF coupon is Rs 50 but this year we are selling two coupons for 100 Rs. Please try to set price 100 Rs and over, for smaller items, cakes and cookies, try to sell 2 for 100 Rs. This in order to minimize the cash handling at the event. Please price similar items to maintain parity in price.
What is an open booth? If you are grilling, then you will require an open stall
Can we bring gas burners? Will the school provide gas cyllinders?


Yes,you may bring your gas burners , the school will provide gas cylinders, please email us by 1st week November if you need a gas cylinder.
Will beverages be provided at IFF? There will be 2 beverage counters selling soft Yes, every booth comes with 1 electrical outlet drinks and water.
Will all the booths have electrical outlets? How many? Yes, every booth comes with 1 electrical outlet
How can we avoid food allergies?


All stands should clearly label any food with Nuts, Sesame or Seafood as these are most common and often serious food allergens.
Where will the event be held? AES Middle School Field
What date is the event? The event is on 16 February, 12pm-3pm


How soon can I come to the campus on the day of the event? ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT ENTRY STARTS AT 9:30AM
Can I set up my booth a day before? No
Can I bring any equipment after 11:00 a.m. on the day of the event? No
When do I send the raffle baskets to IFF team? We would prefer that you bring the raffle basket on the day of the food fair. If you prefer to give it in earlier, please let the raffle coordinator know and we will organise a pick up.
Should I wrap the raffle basket? Yes, it is advisable to wrap the basket with transparent cellophane paper, we will bring some to the last IFF meeting.
Where can I find a transparent wrapping paper Any stationery store will carry cellophane paper. We will also have some available at the last IFF meeting on 7 February.
Will there be a First Aid Booth at the IFF Yes, AES Health Office is present and have a booth for First Aid at the MS Field. The nurse will be wearing a red first aider jacket so will be easily identifiable. Nurse Eliza Taylor her contact number is 9599665024.
What happens in case of a food allergie? The First Aid Booth will have a first aid kit with antihistamines and also an Epi-Pen
What happens in case of fire Security and FMO will provide Fire Extinguishers at the open booths.
Can I invite my friends and family (non-AES) members? Yes. If non-AES member is not accompanied by an AES member, he/she needs to be on the AES security list. Picture ID is an requirement for age 14 and above
Do I list every name of non-AES members in a family? Yes, everyone who is a non-AES member (unaccompanied by AES member) has to be on the list
Do non-AES members carry any ID? Yes, Anyone above the age of 14 will require an ID
Who do I submit the security list to?




Please use the link on IFF website to submit the names or download the non-AES member form and send a list to
What if non-AES member forgets his/her ID? The AES parent who has invited the guest will have to go to the entry gate, provide a picture ID of themselves and then sign-in the guest
I will be at the booth and If my friends and family wants to visit, how do I inform the security? Please add your non AES friends name to the non AES guest form available on the IFF website. You may also submit a hard copy at the next IFF meeting on the 16th of November.
Which gate should I use to enter the premises on the day of the event? GATE 2
Is there an entry fee for the event? No
Who performs the clean up after the event? FMO and Cafeteria staff will clean up the area and remove all PSA supplies like microwaves, cooler boxes, etc. Booths should be cleaned by booth staff i.e. booths should be left with no food/plates or any left over supplies
Who should I contact when I have any questions? Please contact the Organizing Team members with any questions. Our contact information is on the IFF link under community on the AES website
Who do I contact on the day of the event? See the organizing committee on the IFF website


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